Sony E3 2010 Predictions

My favourite part about June is counting down the days until the start of E3, which is always exciting to watch especially when you skip school with a friend, just to experience the press conferences live. This year is just so happens that I have exams on the same days as the press conferences, but fortunately the E3 conferences begin after the exam time.

Since I always have expectations and predictions for what is going to be featured at each press conference, it seemed suitable to write down my predictions and see how accurate the results are. Tackling one conference at a time, I’ll begin with my Sony predictions which mostly end with the number two.

  1. InFamous 2 – If you closely follow video game news, then you would already know that Sony purchased the domain a while ago, which can only mean that a sequel is in the works.
  2. PS2 games available to download on PSN – With most PS3 consoles built without backwards compatibility, the only other way to play PS2 games on PS3 is to download them from PSN.
  3. PSP 2 – I’ll be blunt, PSP GO failed and Nintendo is going to show the 3DS, which only means that Sony has to respond with a PSP that has two analogs.
  4. Jak for PS3 – How about that 10 year PS2 plan, isn’t that over yet?
  5. Twisted Metal for PS3 – Come on, can we really believe that we won’t see David Jaffe at E3?
  6. Agent – It was announced last year that Agent was going to be a Rockstar Sony exclusive, so I think we will see the game demoed.
  7. Resistance 3 – Resistance 2 was released in 2008, and it has been 2 years now so it’s fitting we will hear more about the Resistance series.
  8. PSP Move bundle – Expect to see a Move bundle that includes Socom 4 for under $100 US dollars.
  9. Kingdom Hearts 3 – Everyone wants it, and it’s not like Valve is making this game so I don’t see why it’s taking so long.