Review: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

The idea of downloadable content is still being experimented with because more often than not, consumers don’t feel like they’re receiving enough content for their money. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is the third DLC for Borderlands, and I think Gearbox Software understands what the consumer wants — a healthy amount of game content for around $10.

Similar to the Zombie Island DLC, you start off with a new story that circles around a certain character that is unique, funny and retains the ridiculous nature of Borderlands. While General Knoxx is a super serious guy, he still manages to make you laugh, even though he openly states that he wants to kill you.

A reoccurring problem in the DLC packs for Borderlands is the difficulty is way too hard at the start. It becomes a lot easier after you gained a few levels and found better weapons, however it’s frustrating to keep dying which then creates a huge dent in your wallet.

Another major issue is the lack of fast travel to previous places, because every time you load up your save it starts you back in the town.There is also a big emphasis on driving in this DLC, but it takes so long too get from one side to the other, especially when the stretches of highway go on for miles. To make your experience worse, there are tons of Lance troops and Robot Drones that can destroy your car pretty quickly.

After you gained a few levels and began to kill enemies a lot quicker, you start to remember all the reasons why you loved Borderlands. With new weapons and equipment, you will always be checking loot to make your days of Skag, Lancer and Psycho hunting easier. With the purchase of the DLC, the level cap is raised to 61, giving you 11 more ability points to make your character even stronger.

The amount of new quests, enemies, weapons, vehicles and areas you get for $10 is amazing, and any Borderlands fan should download it. Though it starts off a bit tough, its well worth spending the 15-20 hours to reach level 61, and fight the challenging boss that is Labeled “Invincible”.