Andrea Castellano Resume PDF


Writing and game development seem like different fields, but they continue to overlap as games continue to evolve. I hope to one day blend my two passions together, so until then, I’ll continue to pursue a career in both.

A Professional Writing Degree from York University taught me the value of writing in the simplest, clearest forms. Although clear writing challenges the writer, it displays information in the most effective way. Both my experience and education taught me how to self-edit and identify common mistakes. With fewer grammar errors, it simplifies editing and saves everyone time. Whether I write web content, development documents or creative pieces, clear writing helps everyone.

I started this website – – in 2009 to improve my writing and share my design ideas. My blog motivates me to write articles to compare game experiences or explain ideas for future game systems. We can continue to follow established game design structure, but we should instead push to improve areas like quest design and player retention. My journalism work and writing projects shaped my critical analysis of all types of genres.

If you have any questions, contact me at any time. I’m always willing to talk.


Andrea Castellano