Figure 8 – Sample Chapter

Novel Pitch

Luis Bosco spent over a decade playing baseball around the world, yet he never pitched in the major leagues. In the near future, as players succeed because of a synthetic elbow ligament, he blames the procedure for his failures. Although few fans and officials challenge the fairness of surgical augmentations, Luis still upholds his integrity and honesty. But when his pitching stint in South Korea tangles him in the middle of a murder, Luis retires.

Bitter about his worthless career, Luis then assembles a team to heist millions from the doctor profiting from selling her muscle invention. As old friends and new partners join the heist, the preparation and sacrifices wear on him. No matter the practical experience beside him, he finds himself coping with unforeseen, uncompromising obstacles. Now off the mound, Luis must once again face the heaviest hitters to reach the top.

Here’s the first chapter of my science-fiction/thriller novel:

Figure 8 – Chapter 1