Now Playing: Mario Galaxy 2

To be honest, all I knew about Mario Galaxy 2 was that it was coming out sometime this year. When I found out that it was going to be on store shelves this May, I was both excited and sad because there are so many great titles out this month, such as Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake.

My plan originally was to wait until after my exams to buy it, or wait until I didn’t play Monster Hunter Tri every chance I could get. After seeing a 97 Meta Critic average, and noticing Best Buy’s promotional ad for a free Mario key chain to the first 25 customers, it was impossible to resist.

What I expected from Mario Galaxy 2 was Mario Galaxy 1 with some new levels and a new power ups, and for the first part of the game it feels just like that.  When I decided that I had enough of running around planets and stomping on Goombas, I left Mario Galaxy 2 alone until the next day.

When time had passed, it was then that I realized that I wanted to play again because of how much fun I was having.  The cleverness of the levels and diverse colour pallet develops an appreciation for what Mario games have become. Nintendo knows how ridiculous the story is, which is why you are put straight into the gameplay, with most of the tutorials in places that don’t ruin the flow of running through the level.

I have only played a couple of levels so far, and each galaxy  is so diffferent from eachother, never making anything feel recycled or boring.  If the gravitational pull of Mario Galaxy 2 is as strong as the first, then I should blow through this game in just a couple of days, resulting in frustration towards myself for not savoring the experience.