Now Playing: Eternal Sonata

I managed to find a copy of Eternal Sonata for 10 bucks on Amazon — so I concluded that it even if I hated it’s turned based style — It wouldn’t of matter if I tossed it to the side.

I wasn’t sure what I would expect from Eternal Sonata except for extremely lame voice acting and long cut scenes, but the five or so hours I put into it have been quite enjoyable. What I welcome open heartedly is its genius blend of turn based and real time combat, which seems to keep my attention unlike regular turn based games which put me to sleep.

There are some mechanical choices that I’m not totally on board with, such as how many potions you can use while in combat; however, it does not make the game unplayable. Aside from its really lame dialog, I am really impressed with the combat system; and how colorful and vibrant the world is. Since there isn’t anything I hate about Eternal Sonata, It looks like ill play it to the end — even if the end is really cheesy.