Now Playing: Burnout Paradise

Since I recently just finished playing Mass Effect 2 which is full of rich story and characters, its hard to play a game like Burnout Paradise and really enjoy the high speed driving. Burnout Paradise has been out for a while now, but I would probably prefer to play its arcade styled racing than play a racing simulator like Forza 3. Surprisingly Burnout Paradise has a unique personality to it. The crashing at high speeds and barrel rolling jumps off of ramps placed at the sides of roads, really fits in well with how the game plays. Everything is Burnout seems to fit well in place, but I have never been a fan of the free roaming in the city to find other events to race in. I would preferred to have a list of events to choose from, but that could of altered the openness of racing in the populated city. If you don’t have $60 to drop on a new game at the moment, the Burnout Paradise is a great buy for around $20.