Nintendo’s Online Service

Playing my Nintendo Wii for consecutive days is something that I don’t do often, only because there hasn’t been a good enough reason for flailing my arms around. Picking up Monster Hunter Tri initially seemed more like an excuse to justify my purchase of a Wii, but I was caught off guard about how fun it was playing online with a friend.

What has occasionally spoiled the experience online is the lack of a consistent way of interacting with other players, similar to online services such and Xbox Live or Playstation Network. Since Wii speak provides no privacy at all when speaking to other people, I am forced to turn on my 360 and use my wireless headset just to communicate with a friend. Fortunately I have a wireless headset, but my friend on the other hand doesn’t, which forces him to reconnect his controller every couple of minutes to keep his microphone working.

The online multiplayer component is something that has become very important when gamers are thinking about buying a new game, unfortunately it’s not always as advertised. Nintendo gave us multiplayer for some of our favorite games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers, but no one in the world likes putting in an extremely long friend code only for it to consistently lag during every match. The Wii is a step up from the Gamecube which didn’t even have online service, but no one is going to wait patiently for Nintendo to catch up to current technology, when they can be playing on Xbox Live or PSN instead.