I Finally Played Super Metroid

This past weekend, I finally decided to sit down and play Super Metroid on Super Nintendo, because I was told that it was the best iteration in the Metroid series. I’ll have to admit, hearing all the familiar sounds and finding all the weapons and accessories that I have encountered in the Prime series was unexpected, but it helped me understand what the Metroid series evolved from.

Many times through the course of playing, I asked myself “Why am I even playing this, it’s just Metroid.” I have played and completed all three Prime games, and although they are in a 3D world and feature a first person perspective, the objective is always the same.

Thoughts of Shadow Complex also formed in my head, and it was quite surprising how similar both games are despite different developers. Excellent map usage and inaccessible secrets encourage back tracking, whether you like it or not.

I get it. It’s a Metroid game. Most Metroid games feature tedious but necessary back tracking, scattered weapons and accessories that need to be acquired and precise platforming, which is why I stopped three quarters through. I have a feeling that I have played these games in the wrong order, however I have learned that there really is no need to go back and play these retro games if you have already played a more recent one.

There are still a few titles on Super Nintendo that I intend on checking out, though something tells me that these different experiences will breed similar results.