Halo Championship Series Pro League – Week 6 Day 1 Recap

LOL vs. Allegiance | LOL wins 3-2

You can sum up Allegiance’s entire season with their series against LOL. Allegiance win two games to start day one of week, but LOL regroups and ties it. Neither team feels comfortable. Both LOL and Allegiance need a win to avoid relegation, while neither team wants to blow game five.

So far this season, Allegiance has played in five game-fives. Out of all those games, they have only escaped with one series victory. On Rig – Slayer, Ace, wielding a sniper rifle under the cloak of the Camouflage, pushes the barrel side where PreDevoNatoR hides. No one on Allegiance spots Ace, and PreDevonNatoR’s death triggers an entire team wipe. LOL bounces lethal Plasma Caster shots to push back inside and they extend their lead, 29-19. LOL rides Eco’s economic 17-9 performance and take the Slayer, 50-27. Fulfilling their Fall Season destiny, Allegiance blows game five and LOL completes the reverse sweep 3-2.


Luminosity Gaming vs. Enigma 6 | Luminosity wins 3-2

An Enigma 6 (E6) win over Luminosity Gaming means both teams pull even with a 5-6 record. If E6 wins out the last two weeks of the HCS Pro League, they might snatch a playoff spot. However, their low map win percentage means they also need a few sweeps or clean victories in case of any ties.

Luminosity starts the series winning Coliseum – Capture the Flag (CTF). When a flag standoff handcuffs both team, an E6 Scattershot push into the Luminosity base kills two. The E6 flag stands unattended in the cave, but Luminosity survives the assault. While players fight around the blue cave, eL ToWn returns the flag and Luminosity scores first. Both teams trade captures throughout the game, but a Luminosity flag rally secures a 3-2 victory.

Down 0-2 headed into game three, E6 needs a win on Plaza – Strongholds to stay in the series. A 25-point lead for E6 continues when bubu dubu survives for several minutes defending nest from Luminosity players. Although his team wipes, bubu dubu cleans up any weak players. Stuck in a predictable spawn cycle, Luminosity scrambles for some sort of map presence. The game ends before Luminosity contests the lead, and E6 wins 100-8.

Using the momentum from the Plaza – Strongholds game, E6 takes forces the series to game five on Truth – Slayer. The score stays close throughout, but once Luminosity traps E6 in the carbine tower and bends, the score implodes. E6 falls to their push and the deficit grows to nine points. E6, despite dropping the first two games, can’t complete the reverse sweep. Luminosity takes the series, 3-2.


Evil Geniuses vs. Team EnVyUs | EnVyUs wins 3-1

Since picking up Stellur, Evil Geniuses (EG) has not won a single series. Several game-five losses show the potential of EG, but close losses still count as a loss.

Team EnVyUs (nV) pressures EG early with a quick victory on Truth – CTF. Stellur scores a lightning fast capture using the sword’s speed within the first two minutes. However, his flag run doesn’t matter as nV counter-captures to tie the score at one. Following a Stellur triple kill, Lunchbox grabs the next Camouflage. When his team wipes, he pushes the pink tower and dies to two nV players. The power-up starts as an advantage for EG, then disappears in an instant with unnecessary, impatient push. Close games and risky plays summarizes EG’s losing streak. nV wins the game 3-2, and takes the series 3-1.


OpTic Gaming vs. Team Liquid | OpTic wins 3-1

If Team Liquid loses to OpTic Gaming, it means Liquid and Luminosity tie with a 6-5 record. Despite a possible tie, E6 losing their series on day one of week six alleviates the stress either playoff team losing their spot.

OpTic does no favours for Liquid as they lead the series 2-1 going into Fathom – CTF. The game moves fast, but the score stays low. Tied at one in overtime, OpTic wipes the Liquid team to start a flag run. Off of the respawn, Liquid sprints for the OpTic base, kills two and stack the return. The game ends tied, and forces a replay.

In game two, OpTic scores early after Frosty picks up the Camouflage and Snakebite finds the Railgun. Liquid can’t compete against their slaying power, and OpTic secures the first flag within two minutes. Unlike game one, Liquid never ties the score and OpTic captures three unanswered flags. OpTic shows why they sit second in the standings, taking the series 3-1.