Halo Championship Series Pro League – Week 4 Day 2 Recap

The roster tweaks pay off for teams like LOL and Luminosity Gaming in week four of the Halo Championship Series (HCS) Pro League, but not for Evil Geniuses (EG) and Allegiance. Day two competition does no favours for struggling teams as LOL surges through the standings in hopes of a top four spot.


Allegiance vs. Luminosity Gaming | Luminosity wins 3-0

Poor play from Allegiance continues on day two as Luminosity Gaming sweeps without much resistance. In game two Regret – Slayer, Luminosity and Allegiance trade kills up until the 25-kill mark. What looks like a close game slips away from Allegiance when the team wipes seconds before the Overshield respawns. Once Luminosity grabs the Overshield, the lead expands and they win the game 50-39.


Team EnVyUs vs. LOL | EnVyUs wins 3-2

The match of the week goes five games between two hot teams, but Team EnVyUs (nV) escapes with the series. LOL heads into Empire – Strongholds down 1-2 in the series, nV leading 89-26 in the game. While the game looks over, LOL snatches the pit stronghold to stop nV’s run. An extended capture of all three strongholds shrinks nV’s lead. With Overshield respawning late and their lead gone, nV leaves the power-up to push for the pit. Three stack bottom middle stronghold, but nV fails to kill the defenders in time. LOL steals a victory late, taking the game 100-93.

Much like Luminosity vs. OpTic Gaming on day one, game five Rig – Slayer sinks LOL. Kills stall at 26, but Snip3down grabs the Camouflage and shotgun to start a run for nV. Following the Camouflage run, NV finds both the sniper rifle and Plasma Caster to close out the game at 50-40.


Enigma 6 vs. Team Liquid | Liquid wins 3-0

Without Stellur Enigma 6 (E6) went 0-1. Day two didn’t look any better for them. Empire – Strongholds starts off strange as the pit goes uncaptured for about a minute. E6 then takes an early lead going up 56-20, before Liquid rallies with a triple stronghold capture. E6 tries to break the setup, but Liquid holds for the last 30 points and a 100-77 victory.

E6’s struggles continue throughout the series into game two where they never dictate the pace of play. Liquid takes an early lead on Plaza – Slayer and exploits E6 floundering for map control. The game ends 50-28 for Liquid, who go onto take the series 3-0.


Evil Geniuses vs. OpTic Gaming | OpTic wins 3-2

Like the first week of the HCS Pro League, Evil Geniuses catches OpTic Gaming off guard with a blazing fast win on Empire – Strongholds. Right from the beginning when Stellur secures the first Overshield, EG pushes the pace and holds all three stronghold points. OpTic fights to break the setup, but EG stops them, ending the game 100-7.

While EG takes game two on Plaza – Slayer, OpTic shows the world why they win every major tournament. OpTic goes into game four, Eden – Strongholds, down 1-2 in the series and leave on the back ofFrosty. They suffocate EG the entire game as Frosty dances around Eden, staying alive long enough for a Killing Frenzy and 23 kills. The game ends 100-15, which forces a game five.

EG Ninja destroyed on Rig – Slayer before, yet OpTic suppresses him with complete control of sniper rifles and Plasma Casters. OpTic completes the reverse-sweep of EG, winning game five 50-30.