Final Thoughts: Demon’s Souls

After 11 hours of level grinding, killing enemies and constantly dying, I concluded that Demon’s Souls is extremely difficult, so difficult that it only manages to create frustration. The most important thing in Demon’s Souls is collecting souls, which can be obtained through killing enemies and finding other soldiers souls. The souls you collect are used for upgrading equipment, leveling up, and buying other materials, so it is essential to collect as many souls as possible.

If you do die (which will happen A LOT), you will enter soul form where all of your souls are lost and your health is cut in half. The only way to retrieve your lost souls is to fight your way through the enemies again, then go to the spot where you were killed. You have only one chance to obtain those souls, and if you lose 6000 souls like I managed to do, then you have just wasted your time. As for your health, there are two ways to do it. One way is to kill a boss at the end of a level; the other way is so use a rare item.

I don’t mind a penalty for dying, but when you constantly die and start over at the beginning of the level, it becomes really discouraging and frustrating. On top of those penalties, you also have to fight through all of the enemies you just killed, which is not enjoyable at all.

If you look past the difficulty, Demon’s Souls is not a terrible game, the combat is fun and you will always want to try new spells or weapons, it’s the excessive difficulty that spoils the experience. Some reviewers recommend that everyone with a PS3 should at least try it, but I recommend that only people with a lot of patience, persistence and tons of RPG experience should try it.