Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo Impressions

Exam week is over and whats better than to end it with the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo available on XBL, and PSN on February 4th. The game is due for March 2nd and I am not quite sure whether the game is finished, since PC players received the BETA today not the demo. Overall on Xbox 360, the game feels ready to go and what isn’t a better way to drop into a game than via parachute. The sounds and graphics are great, but it still has that sandy kind of look from the first Bad Company, but it definitely is more inviting. The guns each have a different feel but there is a limited amount of guns you will be able to use during the demo.

You can now customize your kits similar to Modern Warfare 2, with different pistols, rifles, equipment etc. The biggest problem I encountered during the demo was huge lag spikes during games and really long wait times to get into a match. According to the Bad Company 2 Twitter, they are having server problems at their end. At the end of my sitting I was pleased, the game is a big improvement over the first game as technical issues go. I had only a taste of what the demo had to offer, and I look forward to the retail release, March 2nd.