5 Things Halo: Reach needs to do

Halo: Reach is done, Bungie said its gone gold and now they are focusing on their next project. Halo: Reach is a little over a month away and I have compiled 5 things that I feel would make the experience a lot better.

5. Guns need to feel powerful – The assault rifle in Halo 3 feels like your shooting cotton balls at your enemies, which doesn’t feel right for futuristic weaponry. Having the option to choose which gun you start with in Halo: Reach is a step in the right direction, and I’m hoping everything feels powerful enough to take down a soldiers shield, and then pierce the armor.
4. Every Armor Ability is essential – A problem with the Perks in Modern Warfare 2 is that only about a third of them are actually used once people separate the useful from the useless. One of my fears for the multiplayer is the popular use of Sprint and Armor Lock, leaving the other abilities untouched. In the beginning people will rotate between all of them, but based off of how people play multiplayer games, a few of the abilities will only be used.
3. More Varietyto the Single Player missions – In the Halo 3 campaign, if you weren’t shooting the Covenant on foot, you were shooting them in a vehicle. If you were shooting them in a vehicle, you were shooting them while trying to flick a switch. There wasn’t anything particularly exciting about Halo 3, but if Bungie keeps going in the direction of Halo 3: ODST, then it shouldn’t be a problem.
2. Keep the story simple – The story in Halo 3 was ridiculous. One minute the Flood are your enemies, then your allies, then back to your enemies. Too many questions were trying to be answering, leading to a very confusing and uninteresting experience.
1. Keep Firefight short, but challenging and exciting – The problem with Firefight in ODST was that it was too long. Once the match reached the hour mark, I just wanted to take a break, and do something that wasn’t so repetitive and boring.  In Firefight 2.0, matches should be shorter and challenge the player early on, and then introduced an objective to give the player some sort of goal to reach.